Difference between Auto Darkening Welding Helmet and Traditional Helmet

The traditional welding mask is a hand-held mask. With the development of technology, the automatic varying light welding mask has been successfully developed and quickly opened up the foreign market. At present, the welding workers in domestic factories still use black glass hand held type welding caps. Let’s introduce the difference between automatic welding mask and ordinary welding cap.

Malpractice of ordinary traditional mask:

(1) Tthe use of ordinary black glass lenses, especially the blind welding and Bare Welding in the process of arc lifting, is inevitable. Long time welding will accelerate the fatigue and injury of the welder and affect the efficiency and quality of the welding operation, and inevitably result in the waste of welding materials and the high repair rate.
(2) The black glass lens used in the ordinary traditional mask can only absorb the strong light of welding, which can not filter the large amount of infrared, ultraviolet rays, two radiation, infrared radiation can cause cataract. Ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the cornea and lens of the eyes, lead to blindness and cataract, usually may also lead to blindness and cataracts. Dermatitis, skin cancer.
(3) Due to the use of monochromatic number, the ordinary traditional mask can not provide the best observation dark degree to the operator, which greatly affects the observation and control of the weld pool and the formation of good weld seam, and causes the slag, edge, hole, non penetration and welding cracks, and destroys a variety of defects, such as the leveling and roughness of the non welded surface. Total yield of welding.

Dabu Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is an advanced welding protective mask that senses welding arc light through an electronic contact sensor and automatically changes the color of the lens. It can reduce the eyesight fatigue of the welders. Before welding, the automatic light changing welding cap lens is light green, which is convenient and accurate for arc welding. When the welding arc is ignited, the lenses automatically change to dark color (adjust the number of the lenses according to the actual welding current). The larger the number, the deeper the color is). The end of the welding mirror automatically revert to light green. Convenient arc welding again.

Dabu Auto Darkening Welding Mask adopts LCD photoelectric control technology, realizing automatic conversion of 0.5MS, 0.1MS, 0.04MS dark state, dark degree can be adjusted freely according to welding mode, arc light strength and personal operation habit, so that the welding position can be clearly observed in the process of welding preparation and welding. While creating safe and comfortable welding conditions, the work efficiency and quality of welding personnel can be greatly improved.

Hope you understand the difference between them, choose harmless to the body’s automatic varnishing welding mask, after all, health is the most important. Finally, all the welders are in good health.

Post time: May-10-2022